Sunday, August 12, 2007

Added a few new links....

Well the new FSS system continues in the downward spiral. I gave the blog a rest for a while, first to get my life back in order (or try to) after the FAAs screwing, and to see how the new FSS would get back on its feet. It didn't. Too bad, the provider has the former FSS folks, but just wont listen to their suggestions. The big boys, i.e. former FAA department heads that knew "of " Flight Service, had seen the acronym floating around their desks from time to time, are now "running the operation" (into the ground) and don't have a clue.
There are user groups on Yahoo that spell out the daily issues therefore I won't elaborate.


Sunday, November 19, 2006


There has been a new forum created for those who got screwed by the FAA when they RIF'd all the Flight Service Station employees. Its a YAHOO group entitled FAA-RIF. Check it out. Pass the word. It appears there is a grass roots movement swelling for how the FAA continues to treat ex-employees, while others still in the Agency are reaping bennies.

I also hear there may be a class action lawsuit against the FAA in the works.

Stay tuned.


Thursday, September 14, 2006


Looks like LM has finally hit the bottom of the barrel as far as willing transferees to the HUBs, specifically DCA (Leesburg). They are now asking (begging) for volunteers to transfer to DCA and Prescott. Hey about offering a 10K bonus??? That should cover the first year. Rumor has it they are about 30% short of the original dream they told to Uncle Phil at AOPA. Gee, I wonder why. Who wouldn't jump at the chance to go from a community you selected years ago to raise a family, probably with low crime rate, good schools, affordable...I say again... AFFORDABLE... cost of living, to a place that has a high crime rate, some of the lowest ranked schools, and housing, well, in my case, IF I were to go, would be 1000% higher than I am paying now. Go figure. Someone high up in LM really screwed the pooch on this deal.
Every day I hear more BS from former co-workers I thank the almighty GOD above that I left when I did. I think it added years to my life just 'not' dealing with the BS. I just wish the FAA would do what is right and take care of the former FSS employees that won't be staying with LM, the way the LAW states. Preferred placement.....what a joke...(unless your a former regional type) then you get a paid move to the destination of your choice. Talk about brutally unfair treatment.
So, pilots, soon you will be calling for services, and you'll get a newbie fresh out of the LM academy, eager to serve your very needs.....yea, right. I don't care how much you pay an academy instructor, you can't put 20 years of experience in a textbook. Hell, when I left, I was still learning.
On a different subject, one man watches.......I wonder how long it will take for the FAA to instruct LM to man watches with a minimum of two specialists in light of the Lexington accident. Remember.....we talk to airplanes too.

Happy to be out...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

New leadership at NATCA

In keeping with the MTV theme of Mr. Carr on his last (now defunct Main Bang) blog ...

"Turn out the lights....the party's over"..........

Maybe the new president can 'undo' your damage.


Thursday, June 15, 2006

AFSS "End State"....20 AFSS or 13 ???

Isn't it true that in the LM bid it states that the end state would be 3 hubs and 10 "legacy" sites?

Isn't it true that in the LM bid it states that after the 5th year, they will close some "legacy sites"?

Isn't it true that LM has not divulged this to its workers?

Isn't it true that LM has not shown its full proposal to its employees?

Isn't it true LM?

Isn't it true that if you were fair to your workforce, they would have been fair to you?

Isn't it true, that if all the above is correct, you wouldn't be scrambling to hire ex-controllers who have been out of the job for years?

Ex-briefer...its true..thank GOD!

Friday, June 09, 2006


By mid month all current employees working the "boards" will receive a ballot from the US labor board. It’s a pretty simple piece of paper. It has two empty blocks on it. Probably the most important piece of paper you have received (other than your paycheck) in the last few months. Here is the chance to have a union.....doesn't have to be NAATS....just a union. Please think about you co-workers if you are one of the lucky ones who won't be working for LM in the future. Put the dues issue behind you. If you only have a few more months with LM, and/or are at a FSS that is closing, don't be selfish. Now is not the time to "prove a point" or slam the previous NAATS leadership.

This is a new ballgame. New players, and in my opinion, an employer who is not being honest with its employees. Recently one of the LM officials stated that if a union gets in, he would not be able to do all he has done in the past without negotiating with a union. I asked" what exactly have you done in the past"? All that has been done so far is, an ever changing call forwarding program, short staffed facilities causing overwork and more people resigning. Other than that....same old, same old. When the rubber meets the road, and summer traffic jumps, and LM starts jerking around your days off, think. Is this one of the things Mr. LM is doing because there is no union? You betcha. When you get in a situation where you need legal representation, will LM be there backing up you actions??? Hmmm. I would much rather have NAATS (or its replacement) and NAGE in my corner than someone who answers to the stockholders.

So, look to your left....look to your right. Some of those folks working beside you have lives. Families. Mortgages. Vote with them in mind instead of how you really feel about unions. It’s not always about you but the overall workforce. As in the past, the union has been there if you needed it. If things are fine at your facility and you manager is doing his job that is great. Think about the end state. Will a new manager be the same, or more likely be on a power trip. Vote YES on union representation. In my opinion.....we are going to need it.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Taxpayers 1....... NATCA 0

Well congress has spoken and supported Ma and Pa Taxpayer (you and me) as well as the FAA. Finally a decision out of DC I can live with. I wonder what the NATCA membership had to pay in union dues to come up about 20 votes short of the 2/3s vote needed to pass the bill. Ahh...they can afford it. Some are making over $170,000.00 a year. Let’s not forget....that’s only being on position about 4 hours out of an 8 hour day. (Stress you know. It’s a killer.) No wonder they are fighting like hell to keep the old contract. Well it looks like NATCA should shift gears and start looking at the privatization issue. That’s next.....remember, you read it here first.

Former controller of 20 years.